Recovery of OMRON PLC server password


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Hi all,
I am a technical personnel working in a seaport company. I encounter a problem of recovery the PLC server protection password. This happen that the previous tech lost the passwords to the PLC server protection. Now I have difficulty in obtain the program and updating the OMRON PLC.

Anyone of you have the ideal of recovering the password from the PLC server? Is there any program or step to recover the password ??

Thank a million if any of you can provide me with the info.
i think the better way is safe all the data table and program then take out the battery then reconfigure it again but make sure you have all the data table memory safe and rack configure and ladder logic safe first . This is the last step to take
Good luck, should not have a password protection at all in the first place.

D Stableford

It is possible for OMROM to break the password but they require the actual PLC to do it. Talk to Omron Tech Support, Vgood in the UK but I dont know how good in US