Red Lion MODBUS Data Extraction


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Vinh Nguyen

I'm currently trying to get data from an Allen Bradley PLC. I'm using a Red Lion Data Station Plus to allow communication between the PLC (Ethernet) and a CNC Controller (Serial). I want to read the Allen Bradley's tag values from the Red Lion through a computer.

The Red Lion DSP allows me to mirror the Allen Bradley PLC variables as Modbus variables. Therefore, I'm thinking of using a Modbus application (preferably C#) to read the variables, and then push the data a cloud. Do you know the best way to do this? I would like to do this with a C# application, and down the road I would like to do this with a microcontroller somehow.

I haven't done it, but the Red Lion supports ftp transfers. See if it will write data directly to your database. If that works (I think it should), you can avoid the PC and the microcontroller.