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William Irish

I am working with some crude software and I need to get data from its
reports electronically. Does anyone know how to redirect LPT1 to a file name
in OS/2? This would really help.


Bill Irish

Robert Holman Automation & Controls Engi

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There are two ways to redirect with OS/2 that I have used. I am using Warp 4 so if you are
using version 3 or earlier, this might not be completely accurate.

1) From a command line you can use a pipe ">".
Example: Set > sample.txt REM redirect output of set command to file sample.txt.

2) Another way and the one which sound like it will help you the most is to setup a printer
command for your output. When you install a new printer under Warp 4 there is a box to check
if you want to output to file rather than out a COM or LPT.

Robert Holman
Automation & Controls Engineering, Ltd.

Warren Postma

I would think your only hope would be to use a device driver written under OS/2 to do this task.


Steve Kessler


You may be able to find a utility that will allow you to print to a file at
the OS/2 Supersite. They have all kinds of utilities in their archives.

The site is located at

Hope this helps,
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