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Petro A.R Nixon

Dear friends,
I am working in a project where we like to install SCADA and PMS (Power Monitoring System) Software in a Windows NT Server machine. Another Win NT server will be running in parallel as redundant server. Is there any Windows Nt feature available to use one Server as Redundant server instead of using the application software redundancy component?

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I think that this is what NT Cluster Server is supposed to do. Our IT group has one of these things set up in the computer room. It doesn't work very well, as far as we can tell. The cluster goes down frequently, and it costs *A LOT*.

I do not know what else is available. Does your SCADA package allow for redundancy? Depending on your networking and size of project, maybe you can run both in standalone mode, and keep the
same data on both?

--Joe Jansen

Simon Martin

At one of my customers, they are implementing a Windows2000 cluster. Seems to work well. Also see the Beowulf project. I think it has modules for
Windows, or links to projects that do.

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Ranjan Acharya

Try I am not a high-tech IT type (more of a low-tech engineer!) but I heard their name bantered around once with regards to redundancy on NT 4.0 Server. Worth a look perhaps or just a waste of two minutes.


Rick L. Hudson EMCO Inc.

We have been working with both the MS Cluster Server (Wolfpack) and the Vinca Cluster. We have had a Vinca/NT Server Cluster running since Feb 2000 with SQL Server 7.0 with no problems. The SQL Server gets approx 1.2 million additional records per day from an industrial production environment.

Rick Hudson
What do you think about Vinca. I have heard good things about it. We have had the MS Cluster running for a while, but since our primary services aren't built for it we don't get the benefit.

Has anyone worked with the product from Marathon Technologies?

Kevin Altomare, CA

If your SCADA software doesn't handle redundancy very well (and you want to keep using it!), you can use Terminal Server. With W2K Advanced Server it provides quite good redundancy. This is why many of the SCADA suppliers (WW and Rockwell) are pushing the use of Terminal Services - to make up for inadequacies with their products!

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