Reliability indicators for a SCADA Control Center


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Luis Cunha

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Could anyone help me find some standard indicators to measure the reliability of the equipments from a Scada/DMS system like servers,
routers, Front Ends, communications. Is there any standard for that?... like MTBF or MTTR.

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Schaminee, Bart (IndSys, GEFanuc, Nether

MTBF or MTTR are most times related to Hardware. Since the PC-hw-components are so rapidly changing, you can ask yourself how reliable these figures are.


Rooney,John Peter

IEC 6300, the Dependability Standard, requires each manufacturer to accumulate data on how well their modules perform in the field. We routinely calculate Mean Time Between Failures (MTBFs) from field data.

Military HANDBOOK 217 (latest revision is "F") gives you "prediction" techniques for calculating expected field MTBFs. Typically, if 10 years
MTBF is predicted, then you will see 30 years in the field.

ASQ certifies individuals who have passed a test and have sufficient experience as "Certified Reliability Engineers", CRE. There are about 3,500 CREs world-wide. I have written papers on field proven MTBFs. Anyone wanting a copy, kindly
contact me.

Mean Time To Repair: with today's technology when the SYS-MON tells you that item "123" has failed and that you should take action, the MTTR is limited to about five minutes to push/pull a module. This means you have spares on site, they are ready for use, and your people are well trained. If you have unions and split responsibility and you have to do a lot of paper work, then MTTR can grow like Topy to hours and days. So, you know your plant better than I, so you assign the expected MTTR.

John Peter Rooney, ASQ CRE #2425
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