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I am looking for a very simple small low powered module that will open and close a contact remotely (via DTMF tones, Pager etc). Anyone know of any such device?

The application requires power (24VDC)to be cycled on a device located about 1km offshore. The device is solar powered so the remote switch
much have a very low power consumption. I currently have communications with the device via radio signal, if I can use the same channel then no problem.

Any advise will be grateful.
why don't u go for relay switch which can be controlled by microcontroller or proccessor
We have carried out such an application on an off shore buoy measuring oil flow from tankers. We advised the integrator to use a Ge Fanuc Nano/micro 12vdc PLC it also has 24 vdc it is able to be connected to a modem we used radio modems.