Replacing tube on Honeywell UV Flame Sensor


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I'm looking for a part number and supplier of replacement UV tube as found on Honeywell UV Flame Detectors LG1093, fitted to LM6000 gas turbine. I have tested a number of these detectors and found some failing test, and would like to replace the tube. Any help would be appreciated.

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Brian - [email protected]

John Wright Honeywell Southern Africa

The unit uses a Geiger Mueller type phototube. Detects ultra violet in the 1800 - 2600 angstroms range which renders it Solar Blind and tolerant to black body radiation. details can be obtained from Honeywell Customer services USA 612 436 1284.

Michael Ross


Have you found any replacement tubes yet? If you still need me to try and find it give me a call at (281) 295-8828 or (800)324-8850

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