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Laura Montiel

In plant we have 4 units of IDEC PLCs. The part numbers are:
PLC 24VDC 14IN/10OUT FC2A-C24A1 IDEC (2 units)
PLC 24VDC 6IN/4OUT FC2A-C10A1 IDEC (2 units)

Please, if anyone has information about these PLCs (Manuals or any documentation that can help). I have the following questions:
What software is used for the configuration and/or programming?
I see these units have a communication port, is this configuration port for a type of hand held or for a laptop?
What is required to replace these units in case of failure of one or both?

Thank you,
Laura Montiel

Trevor Ousey

Hi Laura,

Check and look at discontinued models. This is the Australian site.

I am not sure if WINLDR will work, but there are demo's available and what seems to be reasonable support. The software will need an adapter, but the handheld programmer will plug directly.

IDEC may have a simple upgrade path, WINLDR may be able to simply convert the program to a newer version, otherwise some one will need to manually
convert and then you may want to consider changing to an alternate brand if you lack support.


Laura Montiel

Thank you Trevor. I downloaded the Manuals from the site you sent, also I found the pin out for the cable (8 MINIDIN with DB9) but I’ll have to try e-bay because I can’t find the 8 MINIDIN connector in my location). When I have cable and soft I’ll try connecting with a laptop to the Micro3 PLC. Yes, the idea is to change to Allen-Badley like the rest of the plant’s PLCs.

Does anyone have the software and pinout for this PLC. I'm rebuilding an old machine and it has this plc. I need to took out the program and then decide what to do next... If is possible you can help me, I'll really appreciate it.

The Idec reps are very helpful and may give you a copy of the programming software, or if not, may come out and download and print out the program for you.

No reason that I know of to avoid working with them directly.
I want to make communication cable for IDEC FC2A-C10A1 with pc. can you please provide me pin- out schematic with MINIDIN connector to DB9. i am not able to find on internet.