resistance temperature detector (RTD)


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i have simple RTD pt100 (2-wire&3-wire) and i want to know if i can dublicate the RTD single to 2 sources or no

for example i have 2 indicators and 1 (3-wire) RTD so can i give the RTD signal to the 2 indicators in the same time or i need a dublicate RTD (6 wire)

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The right way is either: use 2 RTDs each connected to its indicator OR use one RTD to indicator #1 that has a retransmission output to indicator #2. Using 2 RTDs is the easiest solution.



you connect your rtd sensor to rtd transmitter and its out can be used for outputting number of displays as you need as current input. if you are not clear you can consult me by reply to my mail.

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The easiest thing to do may be to just get a duplex 3-wire RTD....they cost a fraction more and would simplify things greatly for you.


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I would recommend using one RTD with retransmission of that value. This eliminates any discrepancies that might arise from using 2 different sensors.....however it also eliminates the redundancy...which may or may not be desirable.

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