Resolver output of Brushless servo motor (ac)


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I am working on HD115b6 64s brushless motor of HMK. I have downloaded their manuals but there is nothing about the built in resolver output. Can someone plz guide me if there is some standard for it. I want to take the input for siemens PLZ for position sensing.

i have gone through some tutorials of resolver but it will really help me if you guide me how to extract information from the resolver signal. I have helped many members of this panels, i hope some one help me too.

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The way I used to know, the resolvers had 6 wires (3 pairs of terminal)
AC input (used to be 110 VAC)
Sine output
Cosine output
The magnitude of the AC voltage on the two outputs was, respectively,
Vs =Vin x k x sin(theta)
Vc = Vin x k x cos(theta)
where K was a constant and theta was the rotos angle.

In other words, a purely analog, orthogonal angle trandsucer.

The all resolvers are standard and have one reference stator windind and sine and cosine rotor windings. The sine high frequency (few kHz) excitation voltage must be feed to reference winding. Both rotor windings are resolver outputs and allow to measure absolute rotor position. Our possible problem maybe interface between resolver and amp having standard encoder A,B inputs.

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