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Is there any way to password protect or exclude a particular laptop from online editing or forcing short of buying the security software or RS View? I want the users (Tech's) to have "read only" capabilities on the shop's shared laptops. All of my other PLC software has different levels of password protection included in the package with no additional cost. Another one of Rockwell Software's fine points. Any help will be appreciared.
In RSLogix 500, Enable Force Protection

Applying force file protection applies to SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04, and SLC 5/05 processor files. Force file protection must be selected before you save your offline program. When force protection exists, you cannot enable forces in the Input or Output data table files. If you attempt to enable forces when force protection is active, the message "Could not enable Forces" will display.

In RSLogix 5, Administering the privileges is done by expanding the Passwords and Privileges icon in the project tree and clicking Administer Privileges.

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<P>Edit and force protection is enabled and stored as part of the processor file downloaded to the processor. Once enabled it applies to all laptops communicating with the processor.</P>

<P>The only thing that may work is modification of the communications chanel.</P>

<P>Note the following from the RSLogix 500 help.</P>

<P>File protection is designed to protect against unauthorized access and modification to both user data (data files) and user programs (online edits).</P>

<P>Depending on the type of processor, 11 types of processor file protection are available.</P>

<P>Click the type of protection in the following list for more information.</P>

Type of Protection Fixed,5/01 SLC 5/02 SLC 5/03, Micro 1000 Micro 1200 Micro 1500
Password Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Future Access (OEM
Lock) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Program Owner Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Program Files (Online
Edits) No No Yes No No No
Data Table Files Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Memory Module Data
File Overwrite No No Yes No Yes Yes
Memory Module Program
Compare No No Yes No Yes Yes
Memory Module Write
Protection No No Yes No Yes Yes
Force No No Yes No No No
Keyswitch No No Yes No No No
Start-up Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Communication Channel No No Yes No Yes Yes

<P>NOTE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>

<P>SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05</P>

<P>Comms Channel write protection is a feature that lets you restrict functionality at a specific channel. When enabled you cannot:<BR>
change the mode
open/close a file
set program owner
clear memory
write user data or user program
configure the channel
<P>Channel protection is permanent. Do not apply protection to the channel you are currently communicating through unless you: </P>

<P>1. Never intend to alter the program again, or<BR>
2. Can establish communications using the other channel.</P>

<P>MicroLogix 1200 and 1500</P>

<P>You can restrict the memory module from being overwritten by a download via a specific channel configuration. To do this click the Memory Module Over-Write Protected checkbox on the General tab of the Channel Configuration dialog.</P>