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Does anyone know the RTD input simulator device which can be used for closed loop testing in lab?
A decade box and an RTD table will work fine.

Decade boxes aren't cheap, but they're almost indestructible. And the nicest thing about them is they work with anything. Some of the newer electronic RTD simulators will not work with multiplex devices.

RTD tables can be downloaded from the Internet or found in a reference manual.
it is better to use values from "Industrial platinum resistance thermometers and platinum temperature sensors IEC 60751, CEI 60751 (2008-07-01)", more reliable, more sure...
Thanks for the responses. Decade box is most reliable source for RTD simulation as i understand.

Is there any more recommendation on electronic RTD/TC input simulator device which could be 1) compact in size 2) Simulator device which might be based on profibus or Foundation field bus device or some latest technology? Please suggest.
I don't have business with these Cie but a process calibrator (712 for example from Fluke ) or from Chauvin Arnoux, Druck (GE) etc... are working well in a workshop and/or on field.
I tried a multipurpose field calibrator in the mid '90's which would not produce a 'virtual' resistance on the analog inputs more than half of the devices we had that were RTD inputs.

Dumb decade boxes always work if the rotary knobs are set correctly.

Maybe technology has improved, but I'd want to see simulated electronic resistance work first before signing the purchase request.