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Hello list members, Specifically those in USA.

More than a month ago, I started a thread on the list called "Mayhem with newer technologies".
There was a lot of response and pros and cons discussed.

The situation was different then and America seemed impregnable. Even my doomsday scenario seemed a stretched part of my imagination. In the end though, whatever was discussed seemed possible, It also appeared to me that no body would have the will to cause such human loss. Hence, I stopped responding to the thread. I also felt that such a thread exposes the weaknesses in our technologies and a silent listener could start
getting ideas.

However, today, I believe that some people do have the ill-will to cause tremendous human damage. I believe that the systems should become more secure even against todays "stretched imagination threats". A part of the recommendations for improving safety was to be published in the Voices section of Intech September 2001 issue as a response to a June article by Bob Felton. I recieve copies by the end of the month since this is another part of the world so i don't know yet.

I urge every member in USA to stress on their professional affliations to implement these or such standards which take care of terrorist
attacks too. I know that a lot of technologies to which I said a strict "no-no" in the original list is popular because of convinience, and a lot
of companies may have invested in such technologies. However, such costs and convinience need to be looked from a fresh perspective of human and ecological threat and a sensible path chosen.

The world has become a different place for all humanity.


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