SDI server error -29 when trying to upload from UCVE

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Well, it like this. I'm trying to upload the .m6b file from a MKVI TMR controller, via a UCVE com card.

I'm getting an error "SDI server connection error--29". therefore,I cannot get the file from the controller. I have a .m6b file to contect with but has a major difference. Anyone know what this error is and how to get rid of it?
Don't you love the wonderful, helpful error messages from Toolbox? -29 is SDI File Open Failed error, which is almost equally unhelpful.

My guess is that when your UCVE was downloaded, the M6B was not downloaded for some reason (out of flash space?).

You can check this by running a Controller Status Command from the menu in Toolbox: View->Controller Status Commands->File System->List application code directory contents

The resulting report should have an output with the contents of the /usr/apps directory on the controller's flash. There should be a file "dl.m6b" which is the file that the upload command tries to read. If it isn't there, you're toast.
What toolbox version u are using? And why do not you try to upload m6b file using toolbox itself thru UDH?

In worst case, I believe u have to resolve major difference issue in current file then apply download.....
>What toolbox version u are using?


I was wondering the same thing.... Is the originator using the same version of Toolbox as was used to download the software to the Mark VI?

As far as I know, the application code (and product code) are downloaded to non-volatile RAM on the UCVx card, so I'm not clear about why the original poster is talking about uploading from the UCVE card, which is where the download or upload would be done to or from.

It seems we don't have all of the information about this issue.

And it seems, the originator has some different impression or understanding than others.