Send Intellution iFix Text Alarms to Nextel Phone System?


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Phil Gregory

Best way to send Intellution iFix Text Alarms to a Nextel Phone System? any Ideas would be Appreciated
If I'm not mistaken, you can just send email to a nextel phone. Call them to be sure. But if it works, it should be no biggie for intellution to connect to the internet and send SMTP mail. i have done it with lookout. I wound up having to run a script to make the modem dial though, that was the tricky part. both figuring out 'what' to run, and then the timing on it.

But, i do not see that as very reliable. Esp with nextel and thier atrocious coverage area. I would rather use an autodialer package like Win911 and have it call the phone. That way, if the phone is out of service area or busy, it will know and can try again or try the next number on the list. although, come to think of it, that lady thats always saying 'Please wait while the nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located' *might* confuse that part of the software.

other than that, find out if nextel has text messaging software. if it does, and it is DDE compliant, use that. When i did this before, the city had some software they used to text message thier people, but it was not DDE compliant, and they had no intent of ever making it so.

Hi Phil,

Take a look at Wonderware's SCADALARM Software. Works great -- even with Intellution products.



Chris Barlow

Fortetion have a product called AlarmCourier which sends Alarm & Event messages from iFIX (and other SCADA applications) to mobile phones (as SMS messages) and email addresses. We have also developed a module that enables messages to be routed to internal pager systems such as the Ascom Telecourier. For further information or to download an evaluation copy see
You can use Dart software from Afcon: it is very easy to configure and it is a medium - low price. It is an OPC client, so you can use it for any OPC server. the good thing about it is that it is BI DIRACTIONAL!!!