Sending Data Thru Modbus Between Triconex & C300 Honeywell DCS


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Can someone help me out for sending SOE data on Modbus between Triconex PLC and Terminal Servers for Honeywell C300? as Modbus does not supports time stamping. How this can be achieved?
SOE is not sent over modbus. If you want to send Triconex SOE to Experion, you should have an OPC Alarm and Event server in Triconex side. Experion has an OPC Alarm and Event client which can read SOE and this has to be 'mapped' to Experion Alarm and Event table by doing some configuration.

Not via ModBus. Triconex uses their own protocol for SOE, the system polling SOE events has to be able to use their SOE config files that contain tag and description info.

There are OPC drivers for Triconex SOE that will work.
We have used the Matricon OPC server for Triconex.

Be warned that SOE events at 50 or 100 msec. scan time can create large volumes of events, especially from a chattering limit switch.
You probably do not want to fill your DCS event log with that many events.

We gathered the BMS events into a separate SOE event log.
We limited our BMS alarms and events in the DCS to slower events such as analogue alarms, statuses, analogue values and first out events for trips.

Heinz Janiec

Honeywell has developed a new interface to Triconex and Experion with a full integration it will be available early 2018, but require the latest releases on EPKS and Triconex.