Serving Up Wonderware Alarms Via OPC


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Justin Julian

Does anyone know of an OPC server software package that will serve up Wonderware tagnames to OPC clients?

Wonderware tech support staff seem to insist that the I/O server "OPCLINK" will do this. It does not.

What OPCLINK does is serve up OPC connections to third party servers (RSLINX OPC connection, Simatic OPC connection, etc.) What OPCLINK will not do is serve up actual wonderware tagnames on OPC. This is what I need.

Can OPCLINK be configured to serve up wonderware tagnames to clients (i.e. act as a bridge between suitelink to OPC)? If not, does there exist a software package that will do this?

Use Iconics or Kepware's DDE to OPC server.
You will have to connect to the wonderware application as a DDE server and map the ApplicationName:TopicName:Item for example connect to the view topic. Once you have mapped the DDE Tags they will be available to any OPC
Kinda kludgey, but it works. Just be aware that you will have to slow down the OPC/DDE software so that it does not cripple the WW server,
with too many requests.
Are you asking if Wonderware's OPCLink will act as a OPC Server for other OPC Clients? If that is what you are asking, then my answer is I do not think so because, OPCLink was designed to act as a Client driver not a Server driver.