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Jiri Baum

Dan L. Pierson: > The initial request for autoconf support was related to getting shared > library support in the project. The short answer to that appears to be: > set up the project to use libtool and Linux shared library support will > automagically appear. IMHO, that should be a high priority. Done. To add it to a module, only two changes are needed to the Makefile: 1) near the top, add: #use libtool for linking LINK.o = libtool $(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(TARGET_ARCH) Most of that ugliness is snarfed directly from "make -p". 2) use instead of linuxplc.a I've made these changes in demo/basic_synch and mmi/curses, but not yet in the other directories. Jiri -- Jiri Baum <[email protected]> I can't figure out whether keeping all my friends in a tickle file would be horribly impersonal or over-familiar. _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]