Good day,
I recently did a bunch of verifications on the siemens mag 6000 remote mounted units with the siemens verificator. The verificator showed that two of my meters failed their insulation test. I ran the test another time to be sure and they still failed. I went back to site a couple days ago to do some more testing and troubleshooting.
First, it's important to note that Siemens states that resistance should be infinite (greater than 500 Megaohms) when measuring between ground and terminal 85, and between ground and terminal 86.
I tested both of the failed meter with my megger and the resistance was 4000 Megaohms for each, which is a pass according to the documentation. I decided to do a base test with the megger on a meter that passed with the verificator and I ended up getting a reading of around 115 Megaohms, mind you this is the meter that passed initial verification. Given that 115 Megaohms is not a pass, we are at a loss of to what is going on.
I also want to mention I did do the basic visual and physical inspections of the transmitters and sensors and I could not find any issues.
The verificator. Another suitcase magic box. It does what it does. Spits out a go or no-go. Still works with a serial port after all these years (with software limited to using only COM ports 1-4). How convenient!

And you're supposed to believe the results because it has a Siemens label, costs a half a year's technician's salary, and it takes 6 weeks to get it 're-calibrated'.

All the ear marks of esoterica. How were the planets aligned when your did the initial test? Reddit has astrology or tarot card subs, which might shed more light than this forum.

You need to register on the Siemens site
and submit a Support Request to get the official song and dance.
Very well said David. They want to take your money easily and fast. But when it comes to support or guarantee cases they are never there. They let me down bigtime in China in 1998 while commissioning a CRT vacuum exhaust line when my laptop with the license crashed. The factory -had- to start that weekend, the floppy with the license arrived 3 weeks later in the Chinese hotel when I was already back to the Netherlands. Hopefully there was a guy from another company that had a hacked floppy with all Siemens PLC licenses on it. This saved the multi-million Philips CRT factory, not Siemens.......