Siemens PLCSIM and non-MS languages/compilers


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Luca Gallina

Is there anybody who successfully used the S7ProSim.dll COM object shipped with Siemens PLCSIM v5.4 within developing environments other than MS Visual Studio? Specifically I'm interested in any of the following languages by former "Borland" (then CodeGear and now Embarcadero):

- Borland Delphi v7.0
- Borland Delphi 2009
- Borland C++Builder 2009

Strangely, while working well with MS C#, the COM object returns access violation errors when used within both Borland's C++ or Delphi, so it seems there's something related mainly to the "Borland" compilers rather than the specific language.

Please avoid info or comments on old v5.3 OCX, not suitable for newer PLCSIM versions.

Thanks in advance for any help