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Larry T Barnett

Has anyone converted a Siemens S5 to an Allen Bradley ? Would like to know how to convert Siemens function blocks.


Maybe it could help you. All I know is that Allen-Bradley program (at least PLC5) can be exported in an EXCEL and/or text format. I don't know if it is also possible in SIEMENS. If it is then you will have to developp a software to translate SIEMENS syntax to Allen-Bradley syntax.

Trevor Ousey

I done this a few times, if you are using a PLC5 you could use JSR with parameters, and the file you JSR'ed to would have similar logic to the FB.
If you are using an SLC5, then you will need to the logic of the FB everytime you would have called the FB. This will mean more code, but it is
generally easier to fault find.

Trevor Ousey


We has a system integrator, have often converted Siemens PLC to Allen-Bradley. It is possible to convert FB blocks but it's not allways easy. There is no tools that will allow direct convertion, everything has to be done manually. The biggest task is to convert the statement list
into ladder which could take a lot of code and memory, but it is feasible.


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Steve Monnet

Hi Larry,

We have made this work few month ago from S5 to SLC and recently from S7 to CLX. It not possible to give you a short answer due to the following
* the target system is important (you have not the same functionnalities on SLC than on CLX).
* it is not possible to create a new function block that you can call as a sub-routine (if you use the FBD available with RSLogix 5000 -as an option-).
* you have to analyse each function do define in wich way you will convert it.

At the end :

SLC : we have converted FB to ladder subroutines and create specific files for data input and output.
CLX : we have converted FB to routines and created user defined data type as input and output data for the FB.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me directly

Best regards

Steve Monnet

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