SLC 500 COP Instruction to N Register

I have this COP instruction with a 8 word length with a destination of N7:211. I have very very limited descriptions within the program and need to find all the places that N7:216 is used. When I do a program search for N7:216 the reply is N7:216 not found. When online I see the values of 216 changing in the data table and the value is being reported back so I know it's being used. I know 216 is being copied within the 8 word (211-218) but can not follow it after the N7:211 copy instruction.

How do I find N7:216 in the program?

Bob Peterson

Try a cross reference. Then look at registers prior to this address and see if there's anything that looks like it might be a copy. Could also be some kind of indirect instruction that are very hard to find.
Try pretending # before the address. As the previous poster eluded, check. All the registers from the start address out 8 words too.