Socomec DIRIS A40 Modbus RS485 Problem


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I am experiencing problems with communications from my Socomec DIRIS A40 meter with RS485 ModBus comms. I can't seem to ask for more than one parameter at once. I have previously only been asking for one at a time, i.e. just sum active power or just neutral to phase voltage 1. I now want to ask for a whole range of parameters in one single reply.

I am currently asking for 26 registers starting at C550 (hour meter). The Modbus message being transmitted is:
01 03 C5 50 00 1A [+CRC-16]

I am receiving a valid reply with the correct amount of data bytes indicated. The problem is that they are all zeros apart from Frequency, which is reading perfectly. The voltages are displaying fine on the display of the meter and I am able to collect the voltages if they are asked for separately.

Can anyone help with this issue?