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Andy Devine

This is the capture file from between an interface that I have written and the Diris AP meter with a JBus/Modbus interface plugin module. I cannot seem to be able to convert any of the following values into what is shown on the Diris
display. I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions/has come across this before with a Diris AP meter.

Values shown in Hex for two registers for each value.

6bf4 1388 should be value for Frequency (50Hz),
0068 016f should be Active Power +/- (8.84kW),
0109 0063 should be Reactive power +/- (-5.65 kvar)

Thanks in advance

The basic thing is the parameters are sent through modbus as an integer value with some range of values,for ex.0 to 32767 like this.
And the next thing is the values are as read by the meter from the secondary side of transformer. Hence those have to be multiplied by CT/PT ratios.
Refer the meter manual to find the modbus memory map & get the range.
Then include CTPT.
I think this should work.
Any further queries are welcome.

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Alastair Fordyce

One problem I have found with the Socomec Diris meters is that the specified data locations don't always align with the data. Only trial and error will determine this. However regarding your data, if you convert the frequency data from hex to decimal you get a value of 5000. Move the decimal place (/100) and you get 50.00Hz
Check your CT ratio (and PT ratio if used) for correction factors for the active and reactive power.

Best regards,
Alastair Fordyce