Socomec Diris Communication Problem


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Joseph Adam

I'm trying to communicate with a Socomec Diris Ap with Jbus/Modbus comms interface. When I try to read any register with command 3, I get an exception response, with error code 3.

Hardware: Easysync USB-RS485 convertor with Linux program

Software, Custom C program

I think the problem is at the application level since I can send command 8, sub cmd 00, and it will echo data back to me, indicating that physical interface is working. If I send
05 03 07 2B 00 02 B4F3 (an example command in the manual that comes with it, my unit is set to address 5) the the response I get is
05 83 03 (+CRC). I get the same response for command 6 and 16 also.

Any ideas?

Lorne R. Schneider

The 03 after the 83 in the reply indicates an illegal data error. From your poll request you are looking for data from register 41836 (07, 2B). My guess is that your slave device does not have this register implemented.

I have a Diris A40 I'm trying to connect to. I can use the Socumec software Control Vision and Winbus32 but when I try to use Hyperterminal it does not work. I am also trying to read the data in to a SCADA app using KepServerEX then display it on an intranet site. Please help...

Ghassan Odeh

Just try to play with the DIP switches on the top of DIRIS RS485 Jbus/Modbus module make them OFF. :)

Norbert Redeker

I am supplying windows software for the Diris A40 - see - sorry in German.
The data will be written in a MSSQL database.
For details please contact me.

info @ redeker-web. de

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