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I'm sorry this is probably a simple ans. but I'm just getting into this so I'm a little bit on the igonorant side. I have the card installed with the driver and also all the above software is installed. Now the problem is that RSLINX (windows based) seems to identify the card fine. But as soon as i interface with the PLC through PLC-5 6200 software DOS BASED) RSlinx says that there are two nodes using the same position. Now if anyone can help me find out if this setup is possible or how to resolve this. I would be very grateful.

Sylvain Levert

ab6200 software is a dos program you don,t need rslinx whith that software dont start rslinx or if you want to use rslinx whith 6200 you will have to install interchange for windows.
Chris, Out of the box, the PLC5 is set to DH+ node 0, via dip switches. Also, when a dh+ driver is added in RSLinx, it too defaults to node 0. Node numbers need to be unique. Change the addressing switches on the 5, and see if that works. Regards, Dan Hazel
Have you tried using the Online Configure settings in RS6200 and selecting a 1784-PCMK card? I would think that because RSLinx is windows based and therefore newer than DOS that RS6200 knows nothing about RSLinx. I seem to remember some comms package pre-windows called AB Interchange that you might need. Good Luck Alex

Larry Lawver

Chris--- It is not certain that you can get all of those elements to work together--- and even if you do, you will not be satisfied with the performance. The best solution would be to purchase the upgrade to current versions of Win98 compatible software from your Rockwell Automation distributor; in your case that would be catalog number 9324-RL53LEGENER. An inexpensive solution, though, is to run the 6200 software and real-mode PCMK drivers under a DOS boot. DOS 5 and DOS 6 will both work fine, and configuration instructions can be downloaded from RA if you have lost the documentation that came with the PCMK. Hope this helps! Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida
Hello Chris, For starter you are asking for a lot. Making the old DOS based 6200 work with a 32 bit device under win98 is not an easy task. However, I believe that I have seen an App Note on the Rockwell Software ( site addressing how to make the software work with the PCMK card. I believe it has to do with tricking the 6200 software into thinking the PCMK card is a KT card. Good luck. Bradley G. Hite Intertech Incorporated mailto:[email protected] Teaching Practical Skills for a Technological World