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Good day everyone,

I have this project to do which consists in controlling the movement of a robot using a notebook. The programmation has to be done in C++ under windows/linux; the main problem arises when it comes to finding a board that can be programmed using C++ language.

Please guys, I AM REALLY STUCK. Help me out!!!

Michael Griffin

What type of robot is it? What do you mean by "controlling the movement?" Are you sending it high level commands via Ethernet, or are you trying to control the motors directly? What type of motors are they, servo or stepper?

On the chance that you are trying to control ordinary stepper motors, here is my standard cut and paste answer to this question.

See the following article. I've referenced this article several times already for previous similar questions.


It describes controlling stepper motors using the parallel port of a PC. It includes circuit diagrams as well as 'C' source for the device driver and an example program. The article is intended to describe the basics of controlling motors for student robotics projects.