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I am looking for a bi-latching solenoid valve that is approved for use with natural gas. For my application, it is important that the valve not consume power unless it is opening/closing. Has anybody come across anything like this?
I don't understand part of your request.
What about Asco solenoid valves. We had them on natural gas.

Ying Yang Hou

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for some solenoid valves with the following specifications:

1. Size: 1" and 1/2", which are for water flow at pressure of 5 bar.

2. They must have fast opening function, preferably, 1 ms (0.001 second), or better.

3. Thy must have fast closure function, preferably, 1 ms (0.001 second), or better.

It will be very grateful if you can provide me with any information about the fastest open/close time function of solenoid valve available in existing market.

Best regards

Ying Yang Hou (Research fellow)
Department of System Engineering
Brunel University
Middlesex UB8 3PH
Why you need so fast to control water, 4 my experience , you can use water hammer relief valve
to control your system. If you have better idea,
please give me advice also. Thank u.