solid flow measurement using microwave

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Salai Kuberan E S, Manager/C&I

I came across an article wherein its stated that the reflected energy intensity in a microwave transceiver of a solid flow measurement system depends on solid concentration, material reflectivity, dielectric constant and cross sectional area. Can anybody help on what exactly is the relation? where to look for ? Karthik

Richard King

Hi Salai,
I am not sure of the direction of your enquiry, and forgive me if I state the obvious. The intensity of the Reflection in most radar flow
systems I have seen, would only be important if the Radar was mistaking a secondary reflection as the real signal. If the dielectric Constant is above 2, most radars will have no problem.

I think the radar uses the changing frequency of the approaching particle to determine the velocity of the parity, so the intensity of the signal should not effect your reading (unless it is reading the wrong reflection)

(Someone please correct me if I have got this wrong)
Richard King.

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