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Dear List Members,

We are developing a sizing software where we require to calculate the density of saturated and super heated steam. We are in need of an
algorithm / developed source code where by we can calculate the density of steam by providing steam pressure & steam temperature ( Just like steam Tables -- infact we are looking for automation of steam tables ).

I would like to get in touch with experts or any directional help / web sites on this.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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This has been done by Rosemount when they introduced their latest massflow transmitter. If you go in their website, and pick the appropriate product and litterature, you will find out how they implemented that in the transmitter CPU.

Basically, by using Excel graphs and steam tables you will find that there is a simple relation between steam density , static pressure and temperature. That is:
Steam Density = k * P/T where k is a constant that is inversely proportionnal with static pressure and temperature.
Ex.: @ 100 PSIA (absolute), 350 F
k = 1,3 approx.
@ 200 PSIA, 400 F
k = 1.2 approx.

The trick is to set up a table (calculated from your steam tables) that represents k for different pressures and temperatures. To calculate a k between two values, make a linear interpolation.

Good luck.