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I am student of electrical engeneering and am working on a project in which i need compare three communications systems for a SCADA, in order of that i need information about reliability, maintainability and data reconciliation. I appreciate if one of you gives me some help.

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You might find some useful information on maintainability in the article "Design for Maintainability" by me in the September issue of CONTROL magazine. It can be found at:
with a search on "maintainability". The search function is in the upper right corner of the web page and may be partially obscured.

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You may go to the sites of the company, Valmet/SCADA Systems (based in Huston, TX). This company sells a lot of SCADA Systems to the
industrial process controls and Electrical Distribution System market.

Another source for methodology standards and requirements would be IEEE STD C37.1, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and Automatic

General Electric - Fanuc Systems, has good literature on measurements and instrumentation Systems in SCADA Systems, in their 'system
manuals' you will find methodologies and calculations on system reliability and repeatability.

The data communication reliability, maintainability and performance are a sub-set of the system itself. There are the data communication
network(s) between the instrumentation (relays, transducers, meters, CTs, PTs, etc.) and the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) which collect data
for transmission onto the workstations (computers) at the Central/Master Station (manned by technical staff).

The second network is the data communication between the RTUs and the Central Station. This is normally a TCP/IP based Ethernet network,
using fiber optics or copper wires for data communication operating at 19,200 kbps (1970's-1990's) to 1-10 GB/sec (1990's to current).

It has not been clear from your question if you are strictly analyzing just the data communication network(s) or the SCADA System
performance (in its entirity) for reliability, maintainability, etc.

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