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We are looking for software which will allow a user to dial in via telephone and will prompt the user to enter a series of information via the phone's keypad. The system will also need to dial out information to pagers.


Rick Hudson

Raymond van der Tas

Please evaluate ICONICS AlarmWorX Multimedia (MMX) software module (see "": ).
The MMX module subscribes to industry standard OPC A/E Servers and notifies messages through MS-Agent technology. Available agents are marquee windows, sound announcent (WAV and Text-to-Speech), fax, email, paging,.. Most of these agents allow two-way communications and thus allow Acking an alarm condition. The agents can perform their jobs locally on the MMX Server or distributed across the DCOM network.

The paging agent allows you to connect to a standard modem (analog or ISDN) and notify the message using TAP (Telecator Alphanumeric Protocol) and UCP (Universal Computer Protocol).
When a GSM/PCS modem is used, it uses ETSI GSM (07.05 and 07.07) to manage the message.

The phone agent requires a Dialogic PC plug-in card and provides alarm management interaction through standard phones.

Robert Dusza


Try Win911 from SpecterInstruments. Try
"": . We have used their software for 2 years now and it has worked very well. We will be implementing it for
the Water SCADA System in the next months.


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