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My plc contains three parts: I/O EXPANDER (MODEL: 5TI-5500), DATA LINK (MODEL: 5TI-3101), SEQENCER (MODEL: 5TI-1034-1).

Please answer these questions:

1) Can we connect the plc 5TI to computer by DATA LINK (model: 3101) directly?

2) for this connect, can we use of pc serial port (RS232)?

3) What software can we use to connect the pc to plc 5TI?

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Parijat software has an Active X component that will allow you to acquire data from, and write data to, older TI hardware (520,530 etc.) via the RS-232 programming port. The Active X component can be embedded within Visual Basic etc.

I cannot remember where Parijat siftware is located, but I do know they have a web site.

I also do not know if the component will work with 5TI, but I'm sure Parijat can answer that question ...
We have several applications where we send and receive data to TI-565's, using Quick Basic and "task codes". You should be able to contact siemens and get a copy of the task code manual. Manual info: Simatic TI575 Task Code User Manual Order Number: PPX:575-8104-1

Ken Moore

Bob Peterson

IIRC, none of the 565/530 stuff works with the 5TI. It was a totally different animal.

Bob Peterson
I was the engineering manager who developed the original 5TI plc. I would be interested in getting in touch with someone who is familiar with the 5TI as it developed over the years after I left Texas Instruments in 1978.

Bob Burkett
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Bob Peterson

I worked on a number of 5TI systems in the mid 80s and a few since.

They really did not change a whole lot other than they went to shielded I/O cables at some point when it was discovered that a walkie talkie keyed nearby would cause the I/O to act randomly.

There were various CPUs along the way. never got beyond 4k of RAM though.

Did they have the VPU200 when you left? I think there was a VPU100 first but I never saw one.

i think it started out with some other I/O system, but I only used the 6MT series.

We have a customer still has a running system that uses a 5TI and another that has a PM550, or at least they did the last time I spoke with them a few years ago. I have worked on both of them.