The names of the parts for PLC System

SNMP or Modbus TCP/RTU Protocols to connect the PLC to external HMI LCD
HMI LCD with graphical representation & ability of issue control commmands power supply for all system components with backup batteries
built in web browser (http/https)
Different users' levels
SNMP protocol
Email notifications (SMTP Protocol)
signal Cables with its accessories
installation & Commissioning

** We need the following from this system :-
required by plc Indicates the status of the current power sources and the connected source.
Fire alarms for fm200 remote control with internet.
And exchange between the operation of air conditioners.
It maintains a temperature set by the user, and if the temperature is high, it operates both.
It displays the temperature of the power room and the data room.
And send emails in previous cases.

The names of the devices and parts are required to operate this system and from Siemens, with the identification of the model or compatible models
** Note that we have a Siemens S7-1200