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There are two packing machines in our factory, the program in plc of one machine was lost because the battery was bad. No backup of program in our company. I upload the program from the good machine and download it to the bad machine.

The interface panel of plc display nothing after i downloaded it. I don't know why it was happen.
First of all, are they exactly identical? My guess is they are probably not. What type of PLC and interface is it? The interface and PLC comm settings may not be the same. We need a little more information to help you. Were both PLCs the same rack configuration? Were they connected on some kind of network? How is the OI attached to the PLC? Did you check and ensure that the comm port settings are set up the same way as the Operator Interface (OI)?

It could be that the panel on this machine has a different address than the one on the machine you copied the program from.

If you give a bit more info about PLC type and system configuration etc., we'll probably be able to help more.
Perhaps the name of the project (even if they were identical) was different and because of this - the communications gets screwed up. You didn't say what equipment - but I've seen varying degrees of "not the program I'm expecting so I simply die" type behavior.
In the case of Siemens S5 or S7 you have to completely delete the memory of the CPU before you load anything.
If you have S7-300 you can use a EEprom module
to store your program.

Justin J. Ryan

What type of PLC is it? What type of PanelView is it? Are there any error messages on the display or is it totally blank.