Transfering Intellution Fix v5.0 from one PC to another


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Can anyone help please? We are using Intellution Fix v5.0 on one of our control systems. The problem is we have recently discovered that our back-up PC will not boot up and the hard drive is corrupt. The back up PC had a working copy of Intellution Fix and the hardware card installed, all that was supposed to be required was to swap the dongle and run on the back up. We have tried to copy the system and program files from the working computer (main PC) onto another spare PC we have sourced with Windows NT installed but seem to be missing some DLL files as we are getting some error messages. Is it still possible to get the original software/drivers from anywhere?
Hi Adam,

You could try GEFanuc who now own what was Intellution.

What are the missing .DLLS can you list them? Are they system files of Fix files?

Copying systems files which are open at the time of the copy can result in generating a corrupted copy of the file i.e. the original file is okay but the copy is corrupted. If you are then overwriting system files with this corrupted file, you may see an error indicating a missing file.

Have you checked the files are actually missing as opposed to being reported as missing?


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