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I am in need of an ultrasonic cane mat level sensor.
This is for monitoring of threshed sugar cane in a chute mounted just above a roller mill.

Could anyone who has had success in this area kindly advise the best manufacturers for this item?

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Good success with ultrasonics on solids with Milltronics, now Siemens, if the angle of repose is within limits. The MultiRanger model now has capabilities of the SPL model.

It uses an "echomax" transducer, the size of which depends on how long a shot you have to make.

for details, check out

I haven't done sugar cane (plastic mfgr here) but I'm from south Louisiana and have done powder, pellets, and plastic jugs (into a grinder) here in Texas. The one similar to yours is the plastic jug level in a grinder throat/chute to alarm if the level came up(plugging). For that I used one of the short range versions of this laser level:


You might try them. To read the application info you have to register.


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Please visit http://www.monitortech.com and navigate to the continuous level section. If you complete and submit an application questionnaire, one of their Application Engineers will be able to help you with sensor selection.

Robert Harrison

Sugar cane is a very fine granular that sometimes creates a highly reflective signal from ultrasonics in the <50kHz range. This is seen widely in sand level applications with a skip or ghost echo type response. The Pulsar high frequency dB3 transducer at 125kHz can eliminate skipping because the wavelength is 3 times smaller and will grip the sugar better. Also, the 3 degree effective beam angle will eliminate false echoes.

Please feel free to call 850-609-1777 or visit our website at http://www.pulsar-us.com.
We (SMAR) do plenty of sugar cane automation:

Typically there is a mechanical solution with a board "surfing" on the stack of cane on the conveyor. We then use a position transmitter to thus measure the level. Controlling the amount of cane going into the crusher was SMAR's first product and we have done this for over 30 years. We have a device called TP301 for this.

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Learn fieldbus and industrial Ethernet at your own pace:

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We have plexiglass windows in the side of our Donnelly chutes that feed the mills. We mount capacitive sensors on the plexiglass. We are using IFM KNQ series with good results (http://www.ifmefector.com).

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I have had real good luck measuring distances with the LT7 laser from Banner Engineering (It is kind of pricey though).