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We have some Siemens OP7/OP17 where we have to do some changes in. But we don't have a back-up file for the project, so we have to make a upload tio get the file.

When we make a upload with Siemens Prosave, we can't work on the file, it is only for back-up use.

Is there a way to make a upload from the panels, so we can work with the file???

Daniel Chartier

Hello JRR;
Sorry, I don't know of a way to do it. The backup/restore functionnality of Prosave is the closest Siemenss offers on the OP7/OP17. Full backup and retrieval is only possible on the newer Windows-CE-based panel (TP170 amd MPx70) with Protool (Prosave) v. 6.0.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Unless you have the orignal file developed in Protool- It cant be modified. Protool compiles the program to send it to the operator panels. There is no way to "uncompile" and bring it back to Protool.

Prosave is a utility for uploading and downloading the compiled file only.

Gabriele Corrieri


You can upload and modify OP projects by using SIMATIC PRO-TOOL, it's avaiable in three releases: lite, normal and PRO.
For programming OP7 and 17 I think that you must need normal version, if I remember good lite is suitable until OP7, but your local Simatic sales office can you suggest more infos about Pro-Tool.

Lastest release of Pro-Tool is 6.0 SP1.

After you have installed Pro-Tool you can modify OP project by opening ProTool, than select File / Transfer Return (this last menu choice in my version italian version sounds like at this) ... if you have connected the OP you can download OP project to modify.

Hope this help.

Gabriele Corrieri