Use of flexible cords in Class I Div I areas


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RA Peterson

A customer has requested we provide him an explosion proof motor starter
with a drop cord attached so they can plug it into a receptacle (explosion-proof no doubt) allowing the device the motor starter is controlling to be moved around.

Being a bit paranoid, I looked this up in my trusty code book.

Surprisingly the code does seem to allow for the use of flexible cords in
Div I areas (refer to article 501-11, as long as it is of a type designated for extra hard use. Our customer wants to use SEOW cord, and just pass it into the motor starter enclosure through a cord grip.

This makes me just a hair nervous. It appears that the code does allow
such a thing if it passes through a selaing fitting into the explosion proof enclosure, however, I was under the distinct impression that all materials used in a division I area had to be specifically approved for such use, and I see no such approvals for SEOW cord, or does the blanket statement in the code that this type of cable is acceptable cover it.

Someone who has more experience with Div I areas perhaps could comment.