use of wireless ESD in ship shore loading


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TAwfiq Hamed

Is it safe to use wireless ESD between ship and shore during loading of hydrocarbons liquid and gases instead of wired ESD system?

is there any standard or code or guidelines covering this topic. what are the pros and cons of such wireless system?

Any example of large oil and gas companies using this wireless ESD system?
I'd say this falls under the 'Loss Prevention Department', for certain!

I'm presuming we're talking about Electro-Static Discharge ESD here.?.?.?

And, just out of curiosity, is someone (who?) trying to sell this?

What does your insurance company say about this?

david mertens

I think it is possible to have ship to shore and shore to ship emergency shuddown using Profisafe profinet over wifi. The condition here would be that any loss of communication triggers a loading/offloading shutdown. There might be a problem with reception is the emergency stop is inside the steel ship though.
TAwfig... if you are contemplating "wireless" methodology to reduce the jangle of cables and wires (telecomunications, controls, ESD, metering, lighting, bonding, etc) associated with liquid-transfer between the ship and shore, then contact me for a solution.

It was implemented on a fleet of LNG carriers!

Regards, Phil Corso

Tawfiq Hamed

Yes Dear Phil,

How can contact you, please provide e-mail or phone number. Appreciate your reply.