Using Variable Frequency Drive for Motion Control


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Mahesh Thapaliya

I am electrical engineer by profession and currently I am doing research on medium voltage Variable Frequency drive (also called as VFD, VSD, AC drive, VVVF, etc.)

At present, all the world are worried about lack of energy sources. With the rapid development of economy, lack of energy sources are restricting economy growth increasingly. So energy saving and emission reduction are seriously concerned.

1. Energy saving by variable frequency drive

Because of considerable effect of energy saving of motor, human researched kinds of methods to adjust motor speed. So far, variable frequency speed adjusting is the best solution as its high efficiency and precision, wide adjusting range and soft start. This way not only can save energy but also improve production process and automation.

Due to lack of energy sources and requirement of production process, high voltage variable frequency drive has been only way to save energy for big plants. In recent years, high voltage variable frequency drive is being accepted and welcomed by more and more users.

Now I am working in the field of research, manufacturing and marketing of MV VFD. I want to share an idea with somebody who is working in the field of MV VFD. Is here anyone who has installed MV VFD, or anyone who has experience in MV VFD? If you want to contact me, you can contact at
themahesh01 at hotmail. com

For solution using Medium voltage drive to control speed of motor, fan, pump, we can share ideas, my email is [email protected]

Lets share our ideas on motion control.