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Dhaval Shah

Dear All,

We are planning to use Touch PC having VGA port in our system. Please note that the environment is highly noisy as we are going to use 2 nos of 10 KW servo & 16 no of 1 HP AC drives near this PC. Now i just wanted to know whether this VGA Port can be connected to another LCD Monitor or LCD TV more than 15 meter distance.Also note that the operating temperature is near about 45 C.
Have a look at "KVM extenders" (Keyboard, Video, Mouse extenders). These are typically used in computer server room applications and there are lots on the market.

curt wuollet

Of course it can be connected, but it may or may not work well depending on many cable and drive electronics factors. Try it, you'll probably get away with it. If it looks bad or doesn't sync, there are alternatives, converters or modulators. PC gear is cheap and there's a gadget for almost any need. If the graphics are simple, a RF modulator to a TV will work for quite a ways. Check Black Box or one of the "Spy Camera" outfits.