What is FisCal metering?


david mertens

I think this must refer to state/national tax collecion agency (From the latin expression "Fiscus dominicus", meaning roughly "The lord/ruler's reserve" (maybe as in "ferderal reserve"???)).

If this is what it actually refers to then it means that the company pays taxes based on what the flowmeter indicates, this can be anything from tax on wastewater to tax on alcohol production or fossil fuel, ... etc.
It is equivalent "Custody Transfer" or billing the payment based on total flow with a specific condition (composition, accuracy, temperature,
pressure, max/min flow, etc.) in a period.

Hung Lam

Victor Yi Hung

David is right, with Fiscal metering definition. Here in Venezuela in the oil industry we have custody transfer measurement and also fiscal
measurement. Measurement system requirements are the same, the difference is that custody transfer is a measurement for business transaction and
fiscal measurement is used for the determination of the amount of "production taxes", in some cases a measurement may be used for both purposes.

Victor Yi
PDVSA - Venezuela