When will we see a PCI bus SA85 card?


Lanny Metcalf

> When will we see a PCI based SA85 card?

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Now !

The PCI-85 Modbus Plus Interface Adapter mounts in a single PCI slot of an IBM PC or a compatible Personal Computer. The PCI-85 Adapter links the computer to a Modbus Plus network allowing computer based applications to exchange data with many Schneider Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and with other devices on the network.

The PCI-85 Interface Adapter is supplied with the Modbus Plus Driver Suite CD-ROM. On-board support of the Plug and Play standard allows easy configuration and operation in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 environments. These drivers support many existing applications including:
* Programming Software such as Concept, Modsoft, and ProWorx
* Monitor Pro Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Software
* Modicon MBPSAT program for monitoring Modbus Plus networks
* Other third-party programming panel software and HMI software

Part Number:
416NHM30030 (single cable)
416NHM30032 (dual cable)

Jim Gosselin

Schneider Electric now has a PIC SA85 card available, single channel 416HM30030 or dual channel 416HM30032


Bill Szuminski

You would have seen earlier this year:
#416NHM30030 single port
#416NHM30032 Double port

Ask you local SqD HTAD Plus for a price and availability.