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How to convert a analog to digital card from isa bus to pci bus or is there any adapter for using isa bus on pci bus or where we can buy pci A-D card in Bombay

kalpak dabir

ask Dynalog, Bombay (5181900) for Advantech or Theta Controls, Pune (4222557) for National Instruments solutions
I am g.j.doshi from ahmedabad, india. i am looking for a pci to isa convertor in which my isa based data communication card can work. can u help me?

narender negi

Dear friend,

i too am looking for a similar solutio. If U had got the solution for it then do Pl. send me the solution .


Narender negi

Fred Daniali

You're out of luck Narender. If you really need to use that comm card, you're best bet is to find an older motherboard with an ISA slot... I believe that you can order one through a popular US distributor like Fry's Electronics for a cheap price, including a processor. Unfortunately, most of these boards are not fresh in the box but service returns. The fastest motherboard/cpu combo available is an AMD Duron 800mhz... still nice and fast for you. If you do find a PCI to ISA converter please let me know.

Fred Daniali
DACS, Inc.
California, United States of America
Maybe the card you need is in HP CAS - Digital Parts and Parts Exchange, you can try with 54-23530-01 or anyone in this site. If work this card, let know.