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hai all,

thanks for giving the valuble info about my previous question

here i am back again

for deploying the wincc project to the client system what are the various possible ways

and the project of wincc consists of somecustom built activex controls also


T.N. Natarajan

I assume you are asking about a multi user system.
If you are more clear about your question i hope i ca answer your question. I have experience in commissioning a multi user system at my work site
Hi !

There are several ways to do that !

Server client config.

Make sure to have WinNT server on your wincc server.
Make the catalog wich you have your WinCC project
To make your WinCC projects a Multi-User system
right click on the project name in WinCC explorer
an take up projects properties.

Here you will need WinCC server license and RT tag license that covers your external tag numbers.
Add the clients computer to your project by:
Click "Computer" Then right click and Add.
Make sure that the computername that you add is the same as the clients computer name.
Power it up !

Install Simatic WinCC on your clients.
You can have the smallest RT license on your clients (128 tags RT).

Click Open in WinCC explorer and navigate to
the server and open the *.mcp file on your project.

If it will not work then it probaly is some firewall settings.

2. Multi User systems

As above but you will need multi user license if I'm not wrong (it was a while ago...).


Make a multiuser project.
At the bottom I think you have som sort of multi user folder that contains information about witch WinCC servers that you will connect to.
There you will need to download the configurations from the WinCC server. Do that by
navigate to your WinCC server and mark the *.mcp file. Remember if youll make any changes to the server project you must make an update !

To mirror the server project make a picture window
and connect the picture window to the server picture that contains your project.

3. Web browser.

Server: As usual but dont make any internal adressing with c-scripts. For example if you have tags thats is called PID_P.Gain PID_I.Integral
and you adress the with a c-script like
(ObjectName = PID_P.Gain)

return GetTagFloat(sString);
Then the presentation on your WebClient will not work...

ActiveX controls in WinCC:

Have your *.ocx fil on your server and on the clients register the controls from the *.ocx file on your server...
This way its much easier to make updates on your home made controls...

Hope this will help.
! Tip !
If you make many changes with tags,alarm config etc. then run WUnload on your Sybase databeses to speed up the project an to avoid instabilitie problems.
Feel free to mail if you want more specific answers...