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Brian E Boothe

Our Company is Looking into Ethernet wireless-IP radios using them w/ AB 5/05. We're also looking into SCADA And wireless Ethernet Conectivity.

Can someone Point me into Some Avenues or Suggestions into this topic?
There are a few wireless radio's MDS has a new one that works very well along with Cisco's wireless bridge. As for HMI's there are quite a few that work well Citect, Ifix, RsView and the list goes on. I am currently working on a wireless job that is very large throughout an entire county AB505, Cisco Wireless Bridge, and Citect.

Brian E Boothe

I'm talking 40-100 Mile Distances between Ethernet Radios
I don't think the radiolinx radios will have the Power.
There are not many ethernet based radios which will work at the 100 mile range with out a fairly large antenna, but try Motorola radios, for the short possible, but still, you are probably talking 2.x to 5.x GHz, so line of site, low power and large gain antennas. Need specific input and other information, drop me a line.

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Peter Whalley

Hi Brian,

40 to 100 mile hops for any radio system (except short wave or tropo scatter) is really stretching things unless you can put in intermediate repeater stations. See earlier discussions this year regarding antenna selection etc.

Second problem is that to get anything like Ethernet data rate (10 Mbps) you will need to operate in a either a microwave or high UHF frequency band because of the bandwidth involved. These frequencies have difficulties travelling long distances along the earths surface.

Alternatively, create PPP links between each site running at slow modem speeds (say 9600 bps) and get data compatible radios from someone like Motorola. These could operate at VHF frequencies and may be able to cover the distances involved. In very remote areas you may be able to operate in the low band VHF (70 - 85 MHz) range and cover the distances but reliablity is likely to be very poor on longer hops.

I'd suggest talking to an experianced radio system design engineer as selection of the radio's is only a very small part of the problem and you are likely to need some serious radio system engineering to make this work.


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I don't imagine any of the license free spread-spectrum products are capable of 40-100 miles between radios. I suspect that would require too much broadcast power, and would require FCC-licensed products. I have seen specs from Wave Wireless (www.wavewireless.com) that indicates with amplifiers in a point-to-point configuration you could get as much as 25 miles. Their new 9000-series products can also act as bridges/routers so depending on the application you might get away with directional antennas instead of omni-direction.

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