Wonderware Archestra Integrated Development Environment (IDE)



Dear Sir,

Based upon my own experience and working in a project team with Archestra IDE you will get only as little as free support as possible by Schneider Electric for their WonderWare Noob questions. Unless you like to read thousands of manual pages.

The System Integrator I worked for just shipped everyone of to a 5 day in house training by a experienced colleague, and full time WonderWare programmers went for a 2 week training at a Schneider location.

Setting up a galaxy properly, creating area's and clients, creating objects and instances, hook them up in Intouch and to PLC objects & aliaslists and proper (un)deploying is really extremely difficult to master on a well founded level and near to impossible to find out yourself.

P.S. I haven't been able to find free online training videos as well.