WW OPC Link Lockup


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Peter Hasler

We are using WW OPCLink ver 7,3,1,6 communicating with RSLinx Ver 2.30.2 Build 48 which in turn
communicates to 4 ControlLogix PLCs.

There are 4 WW Intouch Clients communicating to OPCLink. There are four topics (One for each PLC)
and the highest tag count per topic is approximately 2200. The others are all below 1k Tag.

The problem we experience is that the OPCLink I/O Server will work (well) for a few hours and
will then lockup. The I/O server will then need to be restarted. Has anyone had similar
experience? Is there a newer or later version that will work?

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi Pete

What is the update time on the OPCLink, are you updating on demand or "all used items".

Have you switched the Suitelink connection type on or off, I think I use off.

Go to Technosoft.com and download the OPC tools, see if you can browse the server space with something other than OPClink when the OPCLink is down, then you know which side is failed. You can probably browse with the Siemens OPC scout as well.

Check the NT event logger, maybe some problem with COM configuration.

Phone me, or did you loose my number?

Get a decent scada system.