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Alain Langlois

We have Magelis units - XBT-P021010 which is a Modicon (Schneider) MMI product for use with Modicon PLC's . We want to use the software XBTL1000 (DOS version)to configure our unit. But the actual configuration was made with higher version (Windows version). Is it possible to downgrade this version ?

Thank you for your help
Alain Langlois

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

I work with Magelis and XBTL1000 since 1998, and I never saw a DOS version of XBTL1000. The first version that I know is the 1.3 version, which was for Windows 3.1 / 95. The actual version of XBTL1000 is 3.7, and despite of the version, it is not possible to downgrade an application, even on the Windows versions. If someone programmed the Magelis before, you have to open the application at least with the same XBTL1000 version.

Luc De Backer - Schneider Belgium


I can confirm, a few years ago, there was a DOS version, the XBTL1000 software. This software could be used only for the text terminals XBT-H, XBT-P and XBT-E.

Later the XLTL1003 software came, it replaced the older product and could also be used for the graphical terminals XBT-F.

If you have an older version of the terminal XBT-P, I think you can still reprogram the terminal with the older software. This means erasing the actual program and load another 'new' program with the older version ! Downgrading is not possible (as fas as I know !)

The simplest however is to upgrade the PC to windows and work with the XBT L1003 version !!
(Win 98, NT, and 2000 compatible)

Luc De Backer
Schneider Belgium

George Caudle


One other consideration, with older hardware versions of XBT-H, P, and E, there could be some compatibility problems with the BIOS and XBTL1000. For example, I believe with XBTL1000 versions greater than v3.50, the minimum BIOS level in the hardware must be equal to or greater than v2.1.

George Caudle
SE North American Division\Square D

Claude-Henri Perrier

Sorry but the first XBT-L1000 software has been developped to run under Windows 3.1 (16 bits version, supports XBT-H/P/E). A DOS version never existed.

Claude-Henri Perrier
Magelis dev. team
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